What are wirecars?

The making of wire-cars pushed by sticks is a cultural practice popular in the souther and central regions of Africa. WAWAD originated from the making of the first documented wire-car cruise, which was performed on the historical Woodward Avenue, where the earliest assembly of cars rolled their wheels on. A video documentary of this historical performance is being featured in the auuditorium. This video titled A Dance for Diego was a community based project led by Chido Johnson with collaborators from different parts of Detroit, neighbors as close as Hamtramck and as far as Zimbabwe. It was to re-liven Diego Rivera's conversation on Detroit as a culture of makers and dreamers. Workshops and info sessions were held in several locations in and around Detroit. These locations became satellite stations for most of the majority of the wire-car makers.

2015 participating communities include:

  • Cultural Garage through Amelia Duran
  • Klinger Studios through Jonathan Rajewski
  • Play House through Hinterlands
  • ACCESS through Mohamed Alrayyashi
  • Red Door Gallery hosted by Ulysses Newkirk
  • HATCH hosted by Alice Schneider
  • DAAP (Ohio) hosted by Joe Girandola and Rick Wolhoy
  • CCAD (Ohio) hosted by Danielle Julian Norton
  • Livonia Franklin High School hosted by Johnny Hicks
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, hosted by Osman Khan
  • Zimbabwe Cultural Center of Detroit hosted by Michael Mangenje

Previous year workshops were held at Butter Project, Cesar Chavez Academy, COMPAS, Cranbrook Kingswood School, NGZ Visual Art School, Northend Studios, OMNICORPDETROIT, Pioneer Building, Public Pool, UM Dearborn, UPSM, and Vanguard CDC.

Events this year include Boom Parking in Detroit Boom City curated by Atlanta based Dashboard at an old Pickle Factory, from May 2nd to June 5, 2015. Cinco de Mayo Cruise on May 3rd in Southwest Detroit, and two final workshops at Popps Packing's Emporium on May 9 and May 16, 2015. The big cruise on May 17 as a part of the Porous Borders Festival in Hamtramck.

How can I make one?

You can download the instructions here